NYC trip

Oh NY, you smell like hot dogs...

Recently I was in NY for a week.

Arrived April 28th after 24 hours traveling: Málaga - Copenhagen - NY.

Day 1

In Copenhagen I had the opportunity to leave the airport and visit the city for a few hours. The weather was great and loved what I saw! I promised myself to go back and visit it properly.

Then another bunch of hours on the plane to finally land at JFK airport. There we got offered to share a shuttle bus ($18 each), they would drop us at our door. It was a great deal and a fun drive! After almost an hour drive we got to the apartment and head straight to the room we rented through airbnb.

We stayed on the Upper West Side, on the 104th, just a few minutes away from Central Park and train, so it was pretty handy.

Day 2

On our proper first day at the city the 1st thing we did was to buy a take-the-subway-as-much-as-you-want-for-a-week ticket for $30 and head to Times Square. It was early and the streets were pretty empty, it was great!!! We could take pics, we weren't bothered by people and we got to go to different stores (M&Ms store and Swatch store, hell yes!) without "fighting" with other tourists.

We continued walking around (Rockefeller plaza, 5th Avenue, Saint Patrick Cathedral, ...) and ended up at Tiffany's & Co. Beforehand I bought a tea and a croissant, so I had my own breakfast at Tiffany's that I enjoyed very much. The funny thing was that there was a woman doing the same thing, she asked us to take her a picture and what was our surprise when she took off her coat and she was dress up as Holly Golightly herself! It was a funny moment.

Once there it was time to enjoy the MoMA museum, what a great experience!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely loved it, the museum was packed, though. After a few hours there, we went for a late lunch and head to the Photography Centre, on our way we stopped at the Library, a beautiful building and passed by Bryant Park. We were wrecked by that time, yet we went to Grand Central Station. It was around 7pm so rush hour, perfect timing! We left the station and saw Chrysler building, that in my opinion is way more beautiful than the Empire State building, and took our subway homebound.

Day 3

It was a rainy day and it seemed a great opportunity to have breakfast in the street. We went to Absolute bagels that I absolutely recommend! It's a tiny place full of locals with a large range of bagels and cream cheese. The amount of cheese you get is outrageous and delicious! With out bellies filled with great food we took a train to the Natural History Museum. Apparently the rest of tourists had the same idea as ourselves and took us almost an hour to get in. The museum is MASSIVE, way too big in my opinion, 4hours walking around to see the whole thing, and I was knackered during the last hour.

We left the museum and it was still raining, and went to have another late lunch, this time at Shake Shack, a hamburger franchise, it was better than I expected, we just went there because it was close to the museum and we were soaked. The city decided to keep on raining, so we took a cab and went to a the Apple store in Upper West Side. Apple store there is beautiful! They are massive glass cubes filled with nice people and great products! I ended up trading my iPad 2 for an iPad mini :) so happy I did it!

It was still raining and we took the train back home and rest.

Day 4

It was not raining any more so we decided to go to the MET museum walking, crossing Central Park. It was chilly and cloudy yet a great walk. I really enjoyed this place, it is a beautiful building with plenty of art to see, it is better if you decide an itinerary beforehand, as it is pretty big as well. However, the best thing at the MET museum and you cannot miss is the Roof Garden. After a few hours inside the building, you need to take the elevator to the last floor, walk upstairs another floor, open a door aaaaand.. magic! awesome beautiful view of the city and the park, the sun was shinning, so it was absolutely perfect.

After this great view we went to the Whitney Museum in the Upper East Side, there we had lunch downstair at Untitled, the restaurant of the museum. Walking in the Upper East Side is such a experience, completely different from the rest of the city and really calm.

We ended the day at Times Square at night, a nightmare. It is impressive, still a pain in the ass.

Day 5

Today we started the day going downtown to take the ferry to Staten Island and see the Statue of Liberty. This ferry is free, it doesn't stop at the island where the statue is, but it does pass by.

On the way back we walked around Financial District, saw Wall Street, Trinity church, 9/11 memorial, ... and head to SoHo. We had lunch at Lupe's, a cool Mexican restaurant. The rest of the day was just shopping and walking around SoHo, Nolita, ...

We walked up toward the Flat Iron Building and sat there, with the Empire State building light up on our backs.

Day 6

Saturday was a special day. We met with a friend, head to the Brooklyn bridge and walked through it. The weather was awesome, we went to the Brooklyn Flea Market, had lunch there and enjoyed the sun.

Then the big moment of the day, we head to the Brooklyn Holi Fest. Colours everywhere!!!

Day 7

The 1st thing we did today was getting breakfast in a nice café close to Central Park and head to Guggenheim museum, beautiful building an exhibition.

We had lunch and took the subway to Penn Station and met with friends. There we walked to the High Line, an elevated park in the heart of Meatpacking District. It was a beautiful walk that ended at the Chelsea market, completely recommended.  Had dinner around and head back home.

Day 8

Our last day seemed like a great day to go to Central Park and Sheep Meadow to enjoy the sun.

After that we went to some small galleries we wanted to visit in the Upper East that the previous days were closed when we tried to see them. Went to a great building, took the elevator to the 3rd floor to visit the Nahmad Contemporary gallery and see 2 of my favourite artists together, Basquiat and Schiele (and Cy Twombly), there was another exhibition in the next gallery (Raymond Pettibon). And as we walked towards Grand Central Station we saw the Acqua Vella Gallery and other galleries on the way. I recommend this website to see what's going on in the art galleries at the moment, you can choose by artist, gallery, etc.

Gran Central Station Market is a small market inside the Terminal with a lot of choices. If you go downstairs you can also choose among Thai, Indian, etc. and there is a small area to enjoy your lunch. There is also a stall for Magnolia Bakery, the bakery that became famous thanks to "Sex and the city", although the one from the tv show is at 401 Bleecker Street.

Once we had our lunch we went to the Trump Tower on the 5th Av to visit the massive Nike Store they have in there and purchase some kicks! Close to the store you can visit the LOVE sign as well.

However, the best thing of the day was to go to the Top of the Rock. We got our tickets online (DO THIS, don't do otherwise) to skip the neverending lines, plus you can choose the schedule (we went at 7.45pm, so we got to see the sunset there and the buildings turning on their lights). A beautiful great experience. I was adviced to visit the Rockefeller instead of the Empire State Building, and I think it was a great decision!

After that, I head home, slept a few hours and took a shuttlebus to Newark Airpot, very convenient and affordable service if your flight is at odd hours.

I flew to Vancouver. That is a different story :)

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