Changes 5am 261213

The battery of my laptop is at 7%, the charger is in the room and I am in the living room, so I better be fast!

Many changes lately in my life: I left Ireland for good, moved all my stuff from the last 4 years (left a lot of crap in there) to my mom's home. Back to Spain. I learnt this: I want to live with 3 jeans, 5 shirts, a couple of sweaters, some books and a bunch of note books and pens for the rest of my life. I was living with that for the last 3 weeks and I was pretty happy! Man, moving is such a nightmare (OMG 5%!!!).

During all these moving time, I started a journal/comic/something to keep myself drawing daily and to tell people about my shenanigans (moreless), so I created a character called ZORRA VAGA, I've been posting every day a two-page comic, I stopped  when I arrived to Spain and today I decided to give her a space in my personal website. Previous drawings are on my instagram, they'll be updated on my website eventually.

And a selfportrait. Sure. Why. Not.

3%, yeah, I did it :)

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